Onboarding flows

Patient onboarding flow for mental health

Overview of the patient onboarding flow

We can divide the patient onboarding flow for mental health services into 2 phases:

  • Eligibility check
  • Depression Severity Assessment

Eligibility check

In the eligibility check the patients needs to fill in the Demographic Survey Questionnaire. In this questionnaire we ask questions such as:

  • What is your name?
  • What is your city of residence?
  • Which employer do you work for?

Based on pre-defined characteristics we inform the patient if they can or can not use the services. Given the flexibility of the Awell Studio, the pre-defined characteristics can be easily managed in the platform in a few clicks. Some examples:

  • Currently, your services are only available in California, if a patient enters a different state, the patient will be automatically excluded
  • Currently you only offer services to adults between 30 and 35 years old, patients that don't meet this criteria will be automatically excluded
  • Currently your services are only for Oscar+ members, patients that don't meet this criteria will be automatically excluded

Depression Severity Assessment

If the patient is eligible for using your services, the patient will be asked to fill in the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9). Once the patient filled in the PHQ-9, the Awell system will automatically calculate the PHQ-9 total score. Based on this score, the patient is notified of their current depression severity. The following results are possible:

  1. Minimal or no depression symptoms
  2. Mild depression symptoms
  3. Moderate depression symptoms
  4. Moderately severe depression symptoms
  5. Severe depressio symptoms

Based on these results, subsequent flows can be activated (for example, the anxiety & depression care pathway).


From your EMR to scheduling or billing, Awell easily connects with your systems so you can create powerful flows that tie disjointed systems together.


The patient onboarding flow for mental health services offers numerous benefits that will increase efficiency on the one hand and improve the quality of care for both patient and provider on the other.

  • Automatic inclusion or exclusion based on pre-define characteristics
  • Automatic calculation of the PHQ-9
  • Integrated with your systems (Electronic Medical Record, scheduling, medical billing, online pharmacy & fulfilment, e-prescribing, insurance eligibility....)
  • Decreased administrative burden for the care team
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