Care Pathways

Pre-operative Care Pathway

Overview of the care pathway

We can divide the pre-operative care pathway into 2 phases:

  1. Pre-surgery
  2. Post-surgery


The pre-operative care pathway is automatically started once the date of surgery is known. Once the pathway is started, the nurse needs to select which questionnaire needs to be send to the patient. This is based on the type of surgery, a risk qualification assessment and demographic data available in the EMR. The following questionnaires can be activated:

  • Adult - Long questionnaire
  • Adult - Short questionnaire (this is typically used for e.g colonoscopy)
  • Children between 6 and 16 years
  • Children under 6 years

Once the questionnaire is selected, the Awell systems sends the informed consent to the patient. After that, the patient needs to fill in the pre-operative questionnaire & a social questionnaire (e.g do you want to go to a rehabilitation center). After the patient completed the questionnaires, an alert will be send to the care team to review the questionnaire. Based on the answers of the patient, the care team decided what pre-operative assessments (e.g blood sample, CT scan, RX scan, etc.) need to happen. The care team can select the assessment and an automatic message will be send to the patient with information about what assessments needs to be done and where they can do them. If specific assessments needs to be done at the general practitioner, an automated message will be send to the general practitioner of the patient with information about the assessments that need to happen.

After this, all information (e.g the patients survey) will be automatically available in the EMR.


Ten days after the surgery we send a patient satisfaction questionnaire (PREM) to the patient. We ask questions like:

  • How satisfied were you with the wait times?
  • How satisfied were you with the communication with the doctor?
  • How satisfied were you with your communication with the nurse?
  • How satisfied were you with the food?
  • How satisfied were you with the care you received?

All this information is accessible in a real-time dashboard for the care team. As a result, they always have a good overview of patient satisfaction and also see in an overview where they can improve.


From your EMR to scheduling or billing, Awell easily connects with your systems so you can create powerful care pathways that tie disjointed systems together.

Information brochures

Before surgery we also send operation pre-operative information to the patient:

  • Hygienic guidelines
  • Why you can't eat or drink before surgery
  • Preoperative checklist: what not to forget


With the care pathway, we increase efficiency among care providers on the one hand and improve the quality of care on the other. Our customers see the following benefits:

  • Decreased administrative burden for the care team (In one hospital we cut out more than 400,000 pages of admin per year)
  • Automatic data collection (pre-operative questionnaire + informed consent)
  • Automatic scoring calculations
  • Integrated with your systems (Electronic Medical Record, scheduling, medical billing, online pharmacy & fulfilment, e-prescribing, insurance eligibility....)
  • Automatic alerts to the social worker if the patient has specific needs
  • Patient can access information brochures about treatment, nutrition guidelines, etc
  • Clear dashboards to improve quality of care

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