February 2, 2023

How Awell helps you design and operate clinical workflows 10x faster

The development and improvement of end-to-end care flows in care organizations have traditionally been really slow and cumbersome. Although the desired care flows are often clear in the minds of the clinical leaders, the journey to bring the digital care flow live in clinical practice is filled with countless pains and hiccups.

To give some examples, the tools to design care flows are not fit-for-purpose, engineering teams often have insufficient capacity to build all requests from the clinical team, the care flows are a black box for clinical teams once implemented (and therefore difficult to test), and setting up integrations with other systems in healthcare is often a nightmare.

And that’s just for those care flows that do get integrated into the EHR and patient applications, as many remain in the ‘static phase’ where they are saved as pdfs on an intranet, waiting for engineering capacity.

The Awell platform was developed to accelerate the care flow development lifecycle, helping you to build, operate and improve digital care flows significantly faster. We’re building towards a vision where clinical and product teams can implement new care flows and update existing care flows without requiring engineering resources.

Let’s take a deeper look into the core ideas that allow care organizations that use Awell to implement care flows 10x faster.

No-code care flow design

Contrary to Miro, Lucidchart, or other tools that are often used when designing care flows, care flows designed in Awell are not just static representations. Our no-code, drag-and-drop design tool allows product and clinical teams to collaboratively build ‘executable’ care flows in a couple of hours. This means that every care flow built in Awell is automatically transformed into code that can be used to support your care processes.

Additionally, the pace of building executable care flows is further accelerated by the availability of reusable care flow components like validated, clinical questionnaires and calculations.

A ‘flight simulator’ for healthcare processes

Care flows hardcoded in a care organization’s systems are often a ‘black box’, making it difficult to assess if the care flows are operating as the care team requested. With Awell Preview, you can preview your care flows with demo patients to assess if the care flow was ‘coded’ correctly, and can easily identify and correct mistakes in the design tool, thereby significantly accelerating the validation phase.

Automated care flow orchestration

Once the Awell platform has been connected to your applications, the Awell Orchestration engine sends the right activities to your applications at the right time for each individual patient (based on the care flow design). As the API connections can be used across all care flows designed in Awell, new or updated care flows can be brought live without requiring additional engineering resources. With one push on the ‘Publish’ button in the design tool, patients can be included in the new (or updated) care flows.

Off-the-shelf integrations

The Awell platform has readily available integrations with other systems that are often used in healthcare (like EHR software), each with its own distinct care activities that can be included in care flows in the design tool. An example can be found in this video.

Experience the power of Awell

Thanks to the above core ideas of the Awell platform, our customers have been able to implement care flows 10x faster. This faster iteration and improvement of care processes set them apart from competition.

If you would also like to experience how powerful the Awell platform is, have a look at some of our use case videos on YouTube, visit our Developer Hub or reach out to us via this page.

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