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November 2, 2023

How Awell and ZapEHR Are Streamlining Clinical Workflows

The landscape of modern healthcare is rapidly evolving, driven by innovative software and digital tools. Once bogged down by time-consuming processes and intricate designs of traditional electronic health record (EHR) systems, clinical workflows are now undergoing a remarkable metamorphosis, courtesy of groundbreaking solutions like ZapEHR and Awell. These platforms are at the forefront of this transformation, paving the way for a new era of precise and effective healthcare delivery, with optimized workflows that adhere to the standards set by the National Institutes of Health.

The Problem with Traditional Clinical Workflows

Traditional clinical workflows face a myriad of challenges that often stem from outdated practices and technological inefficiencies, affecting patient flow, patient visits, and the overall patient experience. A prime example is the reliance on paper-based workflow diagrams, which, once pinned to the walls of nursing rooms, seldom catch anyone's attention again. This static approach leads to overly complex care navigation, data silos, delayed information retrieval, and fragmented communication among healthcare providers. Such hurdles significantly impede healthcare professionals' ability to deliver timely and effective care and impact clinical outcomes.

The lack of a dynamic, easily accessible, and interactive workflow system not only hampers real-time coordination but also leaves room for manual data entry issues and inefficiencies, leading to medical errors and risking patient safety. In this technologically advanced age, solutions like ZapEHR and Awell stand out by offering digital, interactive, and streamlined solutions to these entrenched problems, ushering healthcare organizations into a new era of efficient and coordinated care delivery.

Awell: Transforming Clinical Workflows

Awell stands out as a low-code platform empowering clinical and product teams to design and seamlessly integrate clinical workflows into their technology stack, improving patient visits and practice operations in the healthcare sector. Leading healthcare organizations like Parsley Health, Patina Health, and Commons Clinic leverage Awell to automate routine clinical tasks, synchronize data across diverse systems, and bolster coordination between care teams and patients.

Awell’s intuitive drag-and-drop design tool is a game-changer, assisting product and clinical teams in the collaborative construction of 'executable' care flows swiftly, often within just a few hours. By partnering with Awell, these healthcare providers have taken significant strides towards optimizing clinical workflows, reflecting a tangible impact in the realm of patient care and operational efficiency. Healthcare team leaders have noticed that as the workflow is more streamlined, this reduces the burden of medical staff and administrative staff by minimizing wasted time on manual tasks.

Revenue cycle management and improved discharge processes are now streamlined, reducing inefficient billing practices and improving productivity in patient care. One healthcare organization reported a 50% departmental capacity increase due to improved process management.

ZapEHR: A Cutting-Edge EHR and Healthtech Development Platform

ZapEHR is an ONC-certified cloud service platform used to build new and innovative health tech. Developers can use ZapEHR to build everything from specialty-specific appointment scheduling apps to full-scope Electronic Health Records (EHR), improving issues like patient data, clinical notes, and medical billing management. Within its offerings, ZapEHR boasts a comprehensive FHIR API, a suite of “headless” EHR services, and a developer environment. Additionally, it supplies an open-source front-end EHR that serves as a forkable reference implementation, allowing for versatile customization.

This suite of features empowers healthcare organizations to streamline workflows, enhance interoperability, and deliver high-quality patient care with precision and efficiency. With ZapEHR, you can build custom solutions that can be continuously iterated upon to adapt and scale seamlessly to your healthcare facility's specialized needs as your practice grows. This ensures that healthcare providers are well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of their patients and the unpredictable nature of the healthcare industry.

Harnessing Continuous Improvement for Competitive Edge

In the fast-evolving realm of healthcare, the speed at which provider organizations identify efficacious clinical practices and weed out inefficient care delivery processes carves out a sustainable competitive advantage, improving patient satisfaction, attracting higher value contracts from payers and more patients seeking the best quality care.

Platforms like ZapEHR and Awell are catalysts in this continuous improvement endeavor, enabling the creation of tailored, adaptable solutions for diverse practice needs or specialties. By simplifying and automating cumbersome procedures, they significantly pare down time, costs, and complexity while allowing healthcare professionals to concentrate on their primary objective: delivering exceptional care to their patients.

In a landscape where the benchmark for excellence is ever-ascending, leveraging the continuous improvement afforded by ZapEHR and Awell is a ticket to not just keep pace, but lead the charge.

This article was contributed by zapEHR and was originally published here. zapEHR’s team includes technical and subject matter experts who will help you to develop a custom application solution for your specific practice goals. Learn more about how zapEHR can help you to quickly develop a cutting-edge, customizable healthcare app.

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