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Build and operate your care pathways in days, not months

High performing care teams use Awell to support their workflow with digital care pathways. Our off-the-shelf integrations, re-usable components and example care pathways will save hundreds of hours. By using Awell, you can focus on what matters most: better care for patients.

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Drag, drop and build unique pathways

Just as you don't prescribe the same medication to everyone, your care delivery process should adapt to your team and patients. Awell offers PROMs/PREMs, EMR integrations, score calculations, messages and checklists in combination with powerful logic and timing to help you create care pathways tailored to how you want to work.

An extensive library to give you a head start

We help you stay ahead of your competitors by ensuring you don't have to start from scratch. Our library has more than 40 example care pathways created by the Awell community. Build further on existing foundations, adapt them to your local needs and begin improving outcomes in a matter of days.

Awell <3 your systems

From your EMR to scheduling and billing tools, create powerful care pathways that tie disjointed systems together to remove manual work and automate care delivery. We keep improving Awell to make connecting our software to your digital ecosystem easier.

You run the frontend, we take care of the backend

Stop writing custom code for features that already exist. Our easy to use APIs save time so your engineers can focus on crafting the ultimate care team and patient experience. Awell takes care of the back-end, so you have more time to develop powerful tools and applications for your patients and team.

We put our customers’ success first.
While we cannot disclose all our customers, leading care providers trust Awell to power their care pathways.
“Using Awell Health results in better care for patients. Our care team is better prepared for the consultation, asks more relevant questions to patients and refers patients more effectively to the healthcare provider they need.”
Nurse (Steffi Ryckaert)
AZ Maria Middelares
“With Awell we are able to automate most of the manual work our clinical team needed to do. We’ve already seen 30-40% efficiency gains for our care team.”
Clinical Lead
B2B Virtual Mental Health Provider
“We published scientific research in 2021 that showcased that our care pathway reduced emergency department visits, increased overall survival rate and decreased length of stay in the day clinic. That’s something we’re really proud of.”
Professor Ingel Demedts
AZ Delta

A wide variety of pathways to build

See what others have built
Depression & Anxiety Care Pathway

The depression & anxiety care pathway supports clinicians and the patient through depression & anxiety treatment and follow-up according to the ICHOM standard.

Care Pathways
Brain and Nervous System
No items found.
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) care pathway

The IBD care pathway enables more meaningful patient-caregiver conversations by collecting all required information during the week before consultations.

Care Pathways
IBD Disk total score
Simple Clinical Colitis Activity Index (SCCAI)
Lung Cancer Care Pathway

Lung Cancer Pathway

Care Pathways
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