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Collect and improve Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs) 

Awell helps care providers with software to automate the collection and management of PROMs. Use our library of more than 120 validated PROMs and the corresponding scoring algorithms to improve outcomes for your patient population. By using Awell, you can focus on what matters most: better care and service.

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Drag, drop and build your PROs

PROMs are often unique, but they share a bunch of core elements. Use our library of more than 120 validated PROMs with corresponding scoring algorithms and save yourself the headache of starting from scratch. Awell gives you these components out of the box with flexibility conditional logic, timing, custom API calls and much more.

Tailor the timing and triggers of your PROMs to your needs

Set up custom rules like sending the PROM weekly or based on specific scores. Each time, patients receive personalized, secure links to their PROMs, ensuring an efficient and secure reporting process.

Awell <3 your systems

Integrate Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs) into your healthcare workflow. With Awell, effortlessly connect your EMR, scheduling, and business intelligence tools, bringing together diverse systems for a more cohesive patient care experience.

Unlock valuable insights

Transform PROM data into meaningful insights with our intuitive analytics. Dynamic charts and reports reveal individual and population-level trends, while smart alerts highlight high-risk patients and notable health changes.

Customers love the speed and flexibility of Awell
“Awell impact became evident from day one. The speed and efficiency it brought to handling PROMs is remarkable.”
Karen Duprez
Process Optimization Manager at AZ Jan Palfijn
"We often felt that we'd lose patients somewhere along the way. With Awell's PROMs care flows we can now monitor patients from home - which means we reduce the chance of losing them during their patient journey."
Dr. Castille
Anesthesist at AZ Maria Middelares
“We published scientific research demonstrating the impact of our Awell-powered PROM care pathway. It not only reduced emergency department visits but also enhanced overall survival rates and decreased the duration of stays in the day clinic.”
Professor Ingel Demedts
Head Of the Department of Pulmonary Diseases at AZ Delta

A wide variety of PROM flows to build

See what others have built
PROMIS-10 PROMs Clinical Workflow

The PROMIS Global-10 is a publically available global health assessment tool that allows measurements of symptoms, functioning, and healthcare-related quality of life (HRQoL) for a wide variety of chronic diseases and conditions.

Patient Health Questionnaire‐9 (PHQ‐9) PROMs Clinical Workflow

The PHQ-9 is a validated, 9-question tool to assess for the degree of depression present in an individual.

Brain and Nervous System
EORTC-QLQ-C30 Clinical Workflow

The EORTIC-QLQ-C30 is developed to assess the quality of life of cancer patients. It has been translated and validated into over 100 languages and is used in each year in more than 5,000 studies worldwide.

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