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Collect and improve Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) 

Awell helps care providers with software to automate the collection of patient outcomes. Use our library of  more than 120 validated PROMs and the corresponding scoring algorithms to improve outcomes for your patient population. By using Awell, you can focus on what matters most: better care and service.

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Drag, drop and build your PROs

PROs are often unique, but they share a bunch of core elements. Use our library of more than 120 validated PROMs with corresponding scoring algorithms and save yourself the headache of starting from scratch. Awell gives you these components out of the box with flexibility conditional logic, timing, custom API calls and much more.

Decide when you want to send which PROM at what time

You want to send the PHQ-9 weekly instead of monthly? Or do you want to send the PHQ-9 only if the score on the PHQ-2 is 3 or more? No problem! Awell gives you the power to define when to send what PROM with flexible if-this-then-that logic.

Awell <3 your systems

From your EMR to scheduling or your business intelligence tool, automatically collect powerful PROMs that bring disjointed systems together.

You run the frontend, we take care of the backend

We know how important your brand is, that’s why Awell allows your designers to take full control of the front end experience. Your brand, logos and colors. We will take care of the back end. 

We put our customers’ success first.
While we cannot disclose all our customers, leading care providers trust Awell to power their PROMs.
“Our clinical team often had to wait for months before our engineers made a questionnaire available in our systems. With Awell’s form builder, they can build their own questionnaires without needing engineering resources. That saved our engineers a lot of time and headaches.”
B2B Virtual Care Provider 
"Before Awell our engineering team needed to spend hours to build a PROM questionnaire in our systems. With Awell’s PROMs library our engineers can focus on things that will differentiate us from the competition. "
Head Of Engineering
Digital Health Company
“Using Awell Health results in better care for patients. Our care team is better prepared for the consultation, asks more relevant questions to patients and refers patients more effectively to the healthcare provider they need.”
Nurse (Steffi Ryckaert)
AZ Maria Middelares

A wide variety of flows to build

See what others have built
PROMIS-10 Clinical Workflow

The PROMIS Global-10 is a publically available global health assessment tool that allows measurements of symptoms, functioning, and healthcare-related quality of life (HRQoL) for a wide variety of chronic diseases and conditions.

Patient Health Questionnaire‐9 (PHQ‐9) Clinical Workflow

The PHQ-9 is a validated, 9-question tool to assess for the degree of depression present in an individual.

Brain and Nervous System
EORTC-QLQ-C30 Clinical Workflow

The EORTIC-QLQ-C30 is developed to assess the quality of life of cancer patients. It has been translated and validated into over 100 languages and is used in each year in more than 5,000 studies worldwide.

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