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Build and operate your triage flow in days, not months

Awell helps care providers with software to create triage flows. Our off-the-shelf integrations, re-usable components and example triage flows will save hundreds of hours. By using Awell, you can focus on what matters most: better care and service.

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Drag, drop and build your triage flows

Every triage flow is unique, but they share a bunch of core elements like questionnaires, calculations, if-this-then-that logic, EMR integrations, messages… Awell gives you these components out of the box with flexibility conditional logic, timing, custom API calls and much more. 

An extensive library to give you a head start

We help you stay ahead of your competitors by ensuring you don't have to start from scratch. Our library has more than 240+ components to quickly build a triage flow for your app with out-of-the-box components like +120 validated questionnaires, +90 validated scores, rich messaging, and much more.

Awell <3 your systems

From your EMR to scheduling and billing tools, create powerful triage flows that tie disjointed systems together to remove manual work and automate care delivery. We keep improving Awell to make connecting our software to your digital ecosystem easier.

You run the frontend, we take care of the backend

Stop writing custom code for features that already exist. Our easy to use APIs save time so your engineers can focus on crafting the ultimate care team and patient experience. Awell takes care of the back-end, so you have more time to develop powerful tools and applications for your patients and team.

We put our customers’ success first.
While we cannot disclose all our customers, leading care providers trust Awell to power their triage flows.
“With Awell we are able to automate most of the manual work our clinical team needed to do. We’ve already seen 30-40% efficiency gains for our care team.”
Clinical Lead
B2B Virtual Mental Health Provider
"With Awell I never need to build my flows in Lucidchart anymore and that saves our engineering team and me so much time.”
D2C Virtual Care Provider
"Before Awell our care team followed paper-based flow charts during consultations. But thanks to Awell that's now a thing of the past. All our workflows are integrated with our systems and our care team knows exactly what needs to happen when."
VP Clinical Operations
B2B Virtual Care Provider

A wide variety of flows to build

See what others have built
Musculoskeletal Triage Flow

The musculoskeletal triage flow offers numerous benefits that will increase efficiency on the one hand and improve the quality of care for both patient and provider on the other.

Triage Flows
No items found.
Mental Health Triage Flow

The mental health triage flow offers numerous benefits that will increase efficiency on the one hand and improve the quality of care for both patient and provider on the other.

Triage Flows
Brain and Nervous System
COVID-19 Triage Flow

The COVID-19 triage flow is based on the official WHO guidelines and can be started on a care organisation’s website and provides the first advice to patients based on a screening of the patient’s symptoms.

Triage Flows
Infectious Diseases
No items found.
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