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About Us

Being healthy is the most important

Progress in healthcare has enabled people to live longer, happier lives. Despite significant technological advances, healthcare delivery is largely broken.

We want to change this. If we succeed in our mission, there will be faster progress in healthcare, people will live longer, and care teams will have more time for the human aspects of care.

What we stand for

Culture is what makes us Awell. You can copy software or repeat a sales playbook, but the aggregate of our actions towards our team members and external stakeholders is unique.

Our culture impacts how we interact with each other every day, get work done, and behave as individuals. It helps us make conscious decisions and trade-offs. Our values make us truly unique.

Rise by lifting others
At Awell, we obsess over how we can make the people around us succeed, starting with our customers. We root for team members' success and challenge them directly to help them grow. Inclusiveness and kindness are essential to us. We know our weaknesses and find others to complement us with their strengths.
Take big swings
We create tools for the next generation of care teams. Incremental steps won’t get us where we want: we go big. We set ambitious long term goals and relentlessly pursue them through curiosity, courage and continuous learning.
Give and expect a lot
High levels of autonomy and trust drive our team. We hire people who set high standards and expect others to do the same, making it easy to give freedom and flexibility.
Move with urgency
The lives of patients are in the hands of the care teams using our software. When we fail to deliver or slow down, it matters. We take this responsibility seriously, so we relentlessly prioritize, take decisions fast and get things done that matter most.
Customers love us

Help us change the way
people care

Awell helps teams who strive to provide the best care to their patients. Daily, they face barriers such as a high registration burden, information silos and complex care navigation. This makes it more challenging to provide the proper care to the right person at the right time. Our work brings change.

Thanks to Awell, care teams work better

Our software leads to better care team collaboration, time won, and better patient outcomes.

At Awell, you have an opportunity to make a positive difference in the world from day one. Join us to build the infrastructure for the next generation of care teams.

Work with us

Include everyone

We are serious about diversity and backgrounds. Besides being truly international, our team members include people who have competed in chess championships, sent weather balloons to space, played the bagpipe, spent 2 days hitchhiking to see a James Brown concert and had to be smuggled out of an African country because an army general was chasing them.

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Join our growing team.

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