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Become an expert clinical workflow builder

Watch masterclasses on demand to learn how to build and operate clinical workflows that drive better outcomes.

Awell meets Elation: Power up operational efficiency by automating your clinical activities in Elation

Recorded with Andrew Talbot (Elation Health)

Length - 45 Minutes

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On-demand Masterclasses

Using care pathways to build high-performing teams and reduce burnout rates

Recorded with Svin Deneckere (KU Leuven)

Length – 45 Minutes

From Design to Point of Care: Ensuring Clinician Adoption of Your Care Flow

Recorded with Rik

Length – 60 Minutes

Beyond the Launch: Nurturing Continuous Improvement in Care Flow Design

Recorded with Rik

Length – 60 Minutes

How the Lung Cancer Department at AZ Delta used a digital care pathway to drive better patient outcomes

Recorded with Professor Dr. Ingel Demedts

Length - 45 Minutes

Build websites rapidly with over 100 interface blocks.