June 14, 2024

Awell teams up with Sanctuary Health to intelligently deliver patient education masterclasses through their automated patient workflows

Awell, a low-code platform used by clinical and product teams to design, improve and integrate clinical workflows into their tech stack, and Sanctuary Health, a content API for patient education, today announced a partnership that will enable care organizations to integrate high-quality content for patients into clinical workflows. 

With this partnership, care organizations will be able to integrate Sancturary Health’s content into Awell’s clinical workflows which will result in higher patient engagement and thus better outcomes. The content that is currently available is for anxiety & depression, heart health, pain management, obesity, cancer and diabetes, which are all medical conditions that Awell already supports. 

“Our partnership with Awell means our customers can not only educate patients better, but can also coordinate and automate care delivery so their clinical team can perform at the top of their license,” said Jack Needham, Co-CEO & Founder of Sanctuary Health.

“With Awell we power clinical workflows across a wide array of medical conditions, but the vast majority of our workflows lacked high-quality educational content. With this partnership we address a significant need for our customers,” said Rik Renard, Partnership Lead of Awell. “Combining Sanctuary’s content with our clinical workflows means our customers will be able to improve patient outcomes even more.”

About Sanctuary Health

Sanctuary Health is a premium quality content API for patient education. Masterclasses, audio series and articles on medical conditions that help several millions of users and patients understand, engage and help drive outcomes.

Sanctuary Health reaches patients, by helping patient-facing organisations drive patient engagement, member retention, treatment adherence and save clinicians time. It is optimised for patients, via a clinically appropriate GraphQL API structure, with ICD-10 tagging and keywords. We deliver health information where patients need it most.

About Awell

Awell is a low-code platform used by clinical and product teams to design clinical workflows and integrate them into their tech stack. With Awell, care organizations automate routine clinical tasks, synchronize data between systems and drive seamless coordination between care teams and patients.

Awell’s customers have improved the lives of more than 150,000 patients across a wide array of medical conditions. They achieved results such as 50% increase in care team capacity, 40% reduction in length of stay and 25% reduction in emergency room admissions.

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