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Get more stuff    done
without working harder

Ditch the sticky notes and spreadsheets when managing patients. Awell's Worklist synchronizes your entire care team - monitoring, actioning, and automating, seamlessly customized to your needs.

Your worklist, not ours

Before Awell, managing patients was like herding cats - messy, stressful, and downright frustrating. But for leading healthcare organizations worldwide, those days are gone. They trust Awell to create customized Worklists that streamline even the most challenging care flows.

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Reduce avoidable ER visits and hospitalizations

  • Catch patient risks early through proactive monitoringes

  • Timely, personalized interventions they'll actually follow

  • Seamless collaboration across your entire care team

AWELL HEALTH: Reduce avoidable ER visits and hospitalizations

Prevent readmissions and ensure smooth care transitions

  • Reduce preventable readmissions and associated costs

  • Patients actually understand their discharge plan, word-for-word

  • Seamless hand-off to post-acute care, no dropped balls

AWELL HEALTH: Prevent readmissions and ensure smooth care transitions

Close care gaps and boost visit adherence

  • Preventive visits they'll actually schedule (and keep)

  • Close care gaps before they become problems

  • Health plans as unique as each patient

AWELL HEALTH: Close care gaps and boost visit adherence

Engage new patients and avoid dropoffs

  • One seamless intake experience, from first click to first visit

  • Providers have all the insights they need before hellos

  • Engage new patients in ways that make them stick around

AWELL HEALTH: Engage new patients and avoid dropoffs

Less delayed and cancelled surgeries

  • Get patients surgery-ready without endless back-and-forth

  • Identify risks early to avoid delays or cancellations

  • One seamless workflow across your pre-op care team

AWELL HEALTH: Less delayed and cancelled surgeries

A well trusted solution by many

From scrappy telehealth startups to established healthcare giants, organizations of all sizes rely on Awell's HIPAA-compliant task management platform to streamline their operations.

How it works

Ship your Worklist in hours

Our drag-and-drop builder makes it a breeze to create tailored clinical and patient care flows. Connect steps like forms, texts, and tasks with IFTTT logic – no coding required.
1. Design

Our drag-and-drop builder makes it a breeze to create tailored clinical and patient care flows. Connect steps like forms, texts, and tasks with IFTTT logic – no coding required.

Say goodbye to forcing your way of working into a rigid system. With Awell, your Worklist adapts to you, not the other way around.
2. Customize

Say goodbye to forcing your way of working into a rigid system. With Awell, your Worklist adapts to you, not the other way around.

Whether you prefer enrolling your patients manually, in bulk imports via CSV files, or fully automated syncing through webhooks, ADT feeds, or our API, we've got you covered.
3. Enroll

Whether you prefer enrolling your patients manually, in bulk imports via CSV files, or fully automated syncing through webhooks, ADT feeds, or our API, we've got you covered.

4. Automate

Bring your designed care flows to life and let Awell handle the rest. From appointment reminders to follow-ups and outreach sequences, we automate the tedious tasks so your care team can focus on high-value activities.

5. Operate

Assign tasks, set priorities, and transfer care responsibility with ease. Awell ensures seamless collaboration and timely interventions, every time.

6. Improve

Uncover actionable insights with robust analytics. Optimize your automated flows and boost team effectiveness, one data-driven decision at a time.

Fundamentally change the way you operate.

Where others crawl for years, our customers now sprint through transformations in weeks. With Awell's automation eliminating tedious tasks, and unlimited flexibility to adapt care flows and Worklists in real-time, they elevate care quality and outcomes in mere weeks - without expanding headcount. It's like giving your care operations a triple-shot of espresso.

"Our diverse population demanded tailored Worklists and care programs for each disease type. With Awell, configuring these roadmaps is easy. Clinicians now access everything through one seamless Worklist - no more juggling countless systems. This lets our teams operate at peak productivity, delivering optimal care instead of wasting cycles hunting information."

Head of CareOps

B2B mental health company

"Previous task management systems just piled more and more manual tasks on my team - whether it was patient outreach, collecting surveys, sending reminders, you name it. But with Awell, those repetitive time-drains are automated away. Now my team operates like a well-oiled machine, with drastically higher clinical capacity to focus on providing true human-centered care."

Chief Clinical Oficer

VBC organization with 1.6M beneficiaries

"Previously, our clinicians had to manually reference hundreds of protocol pages at the point-of-care. Now, Awell surfaces only the relevant next steps for the current patient situation. This empowers consistent protocol adherence while reducing cognitive load - resulting in happier clinicians and increased patient capacity under centralized oversight."

Director of Provider Experience

Hospital at home provider

Awell slashes manual workload and accelerates change, turning years into weeks. Healthcare organizations worldwide trust us to transform their care operations at lightning speed.

Evolve into an agile, learning machine

Experiment, validate, and refine your care operations in real-time - all while seamlessly syncing with your existing systems. Awell empowers continuous improvement of the entire patient-provider experience from onboarding to offboarding.

Privacy & security proof

We got the triple crown of HIPAA, GDPR and ISO27001 certifications.

Say goodbye to tab-switching tango

Embed Awell Worklists into your existing apps, no disruptive switching required.

Seamless app integrations

From your EHR to text messaging tools, Awell seamlessly integrates with the tools you use today - plus whatever comes next.

Your look & feel

Give the Worklist a look and feel that matches your identity.

CareOps expertise included

Our team partners with you to design and continuously refine your care flows and Worklists - optimized to hit your organization's goals.

Automation baked in

Leverage Awell's orchestration engine to automatically handle up to 90% of routine tasks - allowing your teams to focus on what really needs human intervention.

Burnt out care teams are all alike

Productive care teams are all happy in their own way

Burned out doing things the same rigid way, day after day? We get it. Every care team develops their own grooves - unique processes that just click. Rather than shoving you into a one-size-fits-none worklist, our CareOps specialists patiently study how you operate. Then we'll architect Worklists seamlessly molded to your team's DNA - like a bespoke suit for your operations.

There will be no commitment or obligation to start working with Awell after this call.


What is a HIPAA-compliant clinical worklist for task management?

A HIPAA worklist is a task management tool tailored for healthcare providers to synchronize and optimize the entire patient journey. This dynamic powerhouse automatically prioritizes care activities, reminders, and alerts - keeping your teams laser-focused on delivering timely, personalized, exceptional care.

But Awell's HIPAA Worklist isn't just any solution. It's an intelligent system that seamlessly integrates across your tech stack, providing a fully customizable command center tailored to your unique care models and real-world workflows.

Our Worklist empowers your teams to:

1) Automate away repetitive tasks
Say goodbye to soul-crushing manual processes. Awell's Worklist automates routine workflows, reducing human errors and freeing your staff to focus on what really matters.

2) Customize for your ideal care flows
One-size-fits-none solutions are total non-starters. Awell lets you architect Worklists that perfectly complement your operations - boosting productivity while avoiding disruptive changes.

3) Maintain uncompromising HIPAA compliance
Dealing with PHI demands stringent security and compliance. Our Worklist provides military-grade safeguards to protect patient data, giving you peace of mind.

If streamlining your processes while automating workflows and maintaining HIPAA compliance sounds impactful, it's time to experience the power of Awell's clinical Worklist first-hand.

Is Awell HIPAA-compliant?

Yes! When it comes to safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI), Awell's clinical Worklist and task management system takes HIPAA compliance to the highest level. Our platform's secure architecture prioritizes stringent data encryption and access controls that match banking security standards.

Why do healthcare organizations need a HIPAA-compliant task management solution for their care team?

While avoiding Protected Health Information (PHI) in task management may seem prudent, it actually hinders quality care. Without secure PHI access, teams lack crucial patient context for swift, informed decisions.

This creates inefficient side-steps to verify data elsewhere - draining productive hours and delaying care. This resuls in suboptimal outcomes and missed opportunities to streamline clinical workflows.

By adopting a HIPAA-compliant task management solution like Awell, which securely stores PHI, healthcare organizations can:

  • Provide care teams with the necessary patient context for informed decision-making

  • Reduce administrative burdens associated with securely verifying patient data through separate processes

  • Streamline workflows and minimize delays in care delivery

Investing in a HIPAA-compliant task management system that stores PHI is crucial for healthcare organizations looking to optimize task management, enhance patient care, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Why choose Awell for HIPAA healthcare task management?

Automation. Customization. Compliance. These core pillars form the foundation of Awell's purpose-built healthcare Worklist and task management system. But what truly sets our solution apart is its seamless operability within your existing clinical ecosystems and processes.

Awell's worklist sets itself apart from generic task management tools by:

  • Prioritizing automation to reduce manual, repetitive tasks and minimize human error

  • Offering complete customization to adapt to your specific workflows and care models

  • Providing a user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates with your existing tools and processes

Leverage Awell's powerful automation engine to streamline clinical workflows and liberate your care team's time for exceptional bedside care delivery. Our platform empowers you to craft optimized, consistent care playbooks tailored to your unique models and needs.

Unlike generic task managers exposing you to compliance risks, Awell's healthcare-specific Worklist is constructed from the ground up to meet the industry's strictest security and data protection standards. That's peace of mind you can take to the bank.

Stop settling for fragmented, error-prone tools that drain productivity. With Awell's automation-driven, fully customizable task management solution, you'll streamline your entire clinical operations continuum seamlessly.

Can Awell's worklist integrate with my existing systems, including homegrown and third-party tools?

Absolutely. Awell's worklist is designed as an integration powerhouse to seamlessly sync with your entire healthcare technology ecosystem, regardless of the systems involved. Our API-first, headless architecture easily connects with custom homegrown solutions like proprietary EHRs as well as popular third-party platforms from vendors like Athena, Cerner, Elation, and more.

During implementation, our experts will work closely with your team to carefully adapt Awell's orchestration engine to your unique mix of technologies and processes. This ensures a unified, friction-free experience tailored specifically to your organization's needs.

To explore the full range of systems Awell can integrate with, please visit our integrations page.

Why is Awell's healthcare-specific task management solution better than generic task management tools?

Awell is purpose-built from the ground up to cater to the unique needs of healthcare organizations. Unlike generic tools requiring extensive workarounds and integrations, our solution natively incorporates industry-specific functionality.

Home key healthcare-focused features that set Awell apart:

  • Access to a library of over 120 ready-to-use, validated questionnaires and assessments, such as the PHQ-9 and GAD-7, with built-in scoring functionality

  • Seamless integration with Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) through FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) native interoperability, available in our no-code editor for certain EMRs via pre-built extensions

  • A healthcare-specific stakeholder and data model that prioritizes the secure handling of Protected Health Information (PHI), built into the core of our platform rather than added as an afterthought

But we don't stop there. Our dedicated healthcare focus drives continuous expansion of clinical capabilities tailored explicitly to providers' requirements.

Generic task managers are one-size-fits-none for healthcare. Awell eliminates that friction with an experience optimized for how healthcare teams actually work.

    Build websites rapidly with over 100 interface blocks.