December 18, 2023

Medcase Adopts Awell's CareOps Platform for Faster Care Flow Design

Boston, November 30th, 2023 - Medcase, a Boston/Israeli-based provider of on-demand access to expert clinicians and annotated medical data, has teamed up with Awell, a no-code platform for care flow design and improvement. By integrating Awell's CareOps platform, Medcase is set to enhance its service offerings, enabling rapid and flexible deployment of clinical expertise and technology solutions to up-and-coming digital health ventures.

"Before Awell, our team mapped customer care flows on Miro boards and then they got integrated into our tech stack by our engineers, a slow process impacting our service speed," said Niv Shochat, CEO of Medcase. “Moreover, our commitment to excellence means we constantly adapt these care flows to meet customer needs. With Awell, our operations team can now rapidly adjust these flows, enhancing our service efficiency and quality while reducing the burden on our engineers.” 

The first major milestone in this partnership has been the launch of, focused on optimizing patient onboarding processes and task assignment. Building on this success, the collaboration is now developing another telemedicine program, with a focus on task automation to further enhance operational efficiency.

"We are honored to work alongside Medcase," states Thomas Vande Casteele, Co-founder & CEO of Awell. "Our collaboration is centered on enhancing clinician workflows for better efficiency and well-being. With our initial program already making an impact and more on the way, we're dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals to work smarter, ensuring they have time for their families and personal lives."

About Medcase

Medcase stands at the intersection of healthcare and technology, propelling innovative breakthroughs across the globe. We redefine telehealth and technological innovation by connecting organizations with our extensive network of on-demand healthcare professionals. Our expertise lies in aiding businesses to set up their telemedicine services, backed by adaptable workflows and comprehensive project management. We also play a pivotal role in enabling companies to integrate medical expertise into the development of cutting-edge technologies and AI algorithms. At Medcase, our platform serves as a dynamic bridge, fusing healthcare expertise with technological advancement, and steering the evolution of digital health solutions.

For more information visit our website or write to us at

About Awell

Awell is a low-code platform used by clinical and product teams to design clinical workflows and integrate them into their tech stack. With Awell, care organizations automate routine clinical tasks, synchronize data between systems and drive seamless coordination between care teams and patients.

Awell’s customers have improved the lives of more than 200,000 patients across a wide array of medical conditions. They achieved results such as 50% increase in care team capacity, 40% reduction in length of stay and 25% reduction in emergency room admissions.

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