Triage Flows

COVID-19 Triage Flow

Overview of the triage flow

The COVID-19 triage flow is based on the official WHO guidelines and can be started on your care organisation’s website and provides the first advice to patients based on a screening of the patient’s symptoms.

Information brochures & video's

In the care pathway a number of information brochures and video's are included:

  • COVID-19: general information brochure
  • COVID-19 specific rehabilitation exercises
  • COVID-19: General hygiene measures


From your EMR to scheduling or billing, Awell easily connects with your systems so you can create powerful clinical guidelines that tie disjointed systems together.


The COVID-19 offers numerous benefits that will increase the efficiency of your care team on the one hand and improve the quality of care for both your patients and provider on the other.

  • Patients can perform initial triage independently, without the need for a healthcare professional
  • Integrated with your systems (Electronic Medical Record, scheduling, medical billing, online pharmacy & fulfilment, e-prescribing, insurance eligibility....)
  • Decreased administrative burden for the care team
  • Patient can access information brochures about treatment, symptoms, etc

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