Awell meets Elation
Power up operational efficiency by automating your clinical activities in Elation

Feeling frustrated that designing and orchestrating care processes in Spreadsheets and Google docs often lead to clinical errors and inefficiencies? Want to go beyond the constraints of the templates that Elation provides and start automating that manual work? We’re here to help.

As an Elation user, you’re already on the journey to enhance care delivery and prioritize patient engagement. The Awell-Elation integration takes you further, streamlining your care flows by automating routine clinical tasks such as creating visit notes, simplifying patient intake, ordering lab tests, following up with patients, and managing patient referrals.

Check out the recording of our recent webinar showcasing the powerful integration of Awell with Elation.

Together, we'll cover how you can:

  • Leverage Awell to further reduce manual work while using Elation
  • Design and orchestrate care flows that collect, sync and update patient data effortlessly in Elation, creating actionable tasks and automating downstream workflows
  • Customize a patient intake journey that streamlines onboarding, drives patient acquisition, and simplifies referral processes
  • Set up the Elation-Awell integration for you to hit the ground running in minutes

With Awell and Elation in sync, you can eliminate operational inefficiencies and create a seamless transition between maintaining patient records and providing customized care plans.

Don’t miss this opportunity to drive clinical excellence and prioritize patient care over administrative tasks.

Catch the replay now!


Catch the replay & learn how you can eliminate clinical inefficiencies

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